Friday, February 4, 2011

say my name.

we went to downtown la to show my cousin (who's visiting from the philippines) around town. we passed by LA Live to show her the staples center, nokia theater, etc. 

while we were there, we had coffee conversations and strolled around the area talking about whatever and whoever (the way families do). 

i looked up at the multitude of screens and i see advertisements for HAWAII everywhere. it seems like the islands are calling my name. i stood there and smiled as i took the pic of the screen. there's a story behind that smile that unfolded in the midst of my 21 days of #die2self and as soon as i figure out the details, i promise to share it with you guys on here so you can smile along with me too :)

say my name, say my name. ;)

aloha. xoxo.