Thursday, February 10, 2011

never stop learning.

 i love this quote:

"One of the things my dad really stressed with us is that you have to know your business inside out. You don't have to do every job all by yourself, but you have to truly know what the job entails in order to hire the best person possible to do it. For that reason, I think it is so important to never stop learning about the business you are in. Because when you decide you know everything, you know nothing" - @AdrienneMaloof (co-owner of maloof companies, palms casino and resort and sacramento kings).

Never. Stop. Learning.

my #project365 pic for the day is me reading a book about communication (the confident speaker). since i want to become a speaker/teacher, i might as well invest my time to study on how to speak effectively and deliver it with confidence. this book is great. check it out.