Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my favorite person.

my son left a note on my bed last night. he told me to read 1 samuel 18:16 on his bible (ICB version). he underlined the scripture that said: 'all the people in israel and judah loved david, this was because he led them well in battle'.

he said he really likes this verse a lot because he can relate to it. underneath the word 'them' he put people and underneath the word 'battle' he put hard times. david led God's people through hard times and that's why they loved him.

i love how he reads his bible the same way i do...with underlines and notes (see here). he is after all, my son and my favoritest person ever....

i captured a moment of our starbucks date last night, as i was trying to post stuff i needed to sell online to make a lil extra cash. we've had a rough couple of weeks since my boss cut hours at the office... and i've been fighting off stress and worrying a lot.  it's like we've been fighting a constant "battle". we don't have a home. we dont even have our own roon. my job is in limbo. our future is uncertain. our car might get repossessed. i don't have enough money to pay for groceries or drive anywhere. and this single mama is  struggling to make ends meet.

those who know us know how hard these past years have been for me and him... but it's in moments like these that make my heart smile, despite all the trials. seeing my son in love with God's Word like this makes  all the tears we've cried and all the hard work worth it.

because my treasure is not in stature, riches, wealth , ministry or even stability. my treasure is fully invested in raising this next generation world changer. he is my little david. he leads me to stay strong through battles and i am so very proud of him.

"train up a child in the way they should go...."