Sunday, February 27, 2011

drive, eat, sleep, oscars.

my sunday: church. wonderful view of the snowcapped mountains while driving home, grubbin on some  mexican food (taco meat, elotes, rice and cerveza), took a nap and watched the oscars. i love lazy sundays.

thoughts on the oscars: i like anne hathaway, but i definitely thought she wooo-hoooo'd WAY.TOO.MUCH. while introducing every other actor/actress. can you say annoying?? i also didnt really like her dress towards the know the tom ford one with the nipple chain. 

my fave: james franco. he was adorable. that and bob hope making a comeback from the grave. that and seeing all the facial reactions of those who didn't win the award... and seeing people paid millions of dollars stutter coz they didnt bother to practice their acceptance speech (they probably thought they were going to lose).

watching the oscars made me realize that i need to work on watching boot-legged movies even more... coz out of all the movies that were nominated, the only ones i've seen were: how to train your dragon, social network and alice in wonderland. yeah, im not much of a movie buff. i can't really afford to be spending that kind of money in the theaters.

and last but not least, i think they did the children a disservice by letting them perform in those hideous t-shirts. seriously academy award staff - you guys couldnt afford to dress them in nice lil vera wang dresses and armani tuxs? tsk tsk tsk