Tuesday, February 15, 2011

casavega, jk & celebrity sightings.

Had a wonderful dinner & a great conversation with @juliakate at casa vega tonight. Here's the best pic I could take of my burrito. It's kinda dark in casa vega so it looked like my camera flash was annoying the tables around us (and I was probably embarrassing @juliakate).

I seriously love how twitter brings people together! We had a great convo about people, the church, family and more. Ya'll should get to know this woman! Check her out at: http://titherofinnovation.com/ She has a great personality with a generous heart and is gifted with so much wisdom and she keeps it real.

Plus she's got eagle eyes. She saw 2 celebrities while we were there, while I remained oblivious to the world around me. (It's also coz I didn't have my glasses on and without it I'm blind). Apparently we sat next to hal linden (Barney Miller) and we even got to see cameron from (modern family). He is so not gay! He had his arms wrapped around his wife (or gf). I soooo wanted to take a pic of cam, but if I did that, @juliakate would've probably left me and pretended she didn't know me... so I stopped myself ;)

by the way, the burrito was delish! Julia, thanks for the wonderful dinner! Till next time. xoxo.