Tuesday, February 22, 2011

amazing grace.

i LOVE listening to podcasts and reading books authored by well-seasoned christians. don't get me wrong, i love me some andy stanley and chris caine sermons and francis chan books and even a few occasions of osteen's happy thoughts and even rarer are driscoll's opinions (but this is very, very rare.)

but i glean so much when i listen or read works of charles stanley or chuck swindoll, jack hayford, and even tozer, spurgeon, chambers, etc. there is a beauty of grace, mixed in with a reverential fear of God and a lifetime of experiences that speak to my heart so much.

i borrowed this book from the library today. it's called 'the grace awakening' by chuck swindoll. i will start reading it tonight. i pray that, while reading this book, God will illuminate a deeper understanding in my mind and in my heart as to what His amazing grace really looks like.

hoping that by the end of this book... there would be an awakening in my life to live it as an example and an agent of God's grace.

what books are you reading right now?? care to share and give me some good recommendations for future reads.