Saturday, January 29, 2011

knightly and son.

Day 20: my son playing with a german shepherd named knightly. this dog is HUGE! and he's so beautiful!

spent the day today with a woman who has amazing faith. what was just supposed to be a 'breakfast date' ended up being a whole day get together as we talked about God's faithfulness and common interests in life. she's a mighty prayer warrior with a strong prophetic bent and is so filled with wisdom and knowledge and yet she's so 'real' and authentic that i felt safe to just be me and share my heart. (I'm realizing more and more that it's not a common to meet people who are like that.)

i'm glad I spent my 2nd to the last day of my #die2self with her. she made me yummy shakes too! can you believe tomorrow is my last day??? i cannot wait to EAT! ;) my brother in law is making some pot roast. mmmmmm.

till next time. xoxo.