Thursday, January 27, 2011

homeschooled child, pencils and a test.

Day18: me and my son having a lil fun with the camera :) i love him so very much! he brings so much joy to my life. he is the best blessing God has given me and he is my greatest and #1 ministry. I'm so blessed that God would entrust this world changer's life into my hands for me to raise. anywhoo, my lil man asked me to post the picture of this pencil he sharpened during school today so I can show all my friends.... [he's homeschooled so he is in need of social attention, everyone reading this, please leave him a comment and say hello ;) *joke*]

by the way, I went to dmv today [I was so bored waiting that I broke my twitter break and tweeted about it]... In case any of you were wondering...I passed the renewal test. YAY!

that's my day 18 of #die2self. well actually not.... there's a BIG possibility of change coming very soon... but i promised i wouldn't blog about it till I got done with my prayer/fast and I get clear direction from God... So please keep on praying for this sista coz I need all the help I can get. I really appreciate it.

hasta manana mi amigos.