Tuesday, January 11, 2011

His heart beat.

yesterday i posted a blog about the reason why im praying and fasting.... to grow deeper and deeper in love with God, i need to know what makes His heart beat. 

all through out scriptures, God has always mentioned nations. islands. tribes. cities. it's not so much the geographical aspect of the locations, as it is the people who live in those locations.

His heart beats for people. 

if i could, i would fly to every continent of the world to tell people of His Great Love for them. if i could, i would hug every person that is hurting in the world right now and tell them about our Father who deeply cares for them. if i could, i would share to the world the great gift that God has given us by introducing them to Jesus.

if i could.
i would. 
but i can't. 

i can't because: 
#1: i have no money to be able to fly anywhere and everywhere. 
#2: right now God has called me to live in LA for a specific reason for this season and i know this is my mission field
#3: i've been given other responsibilities from God and one of those responsibilities is to minister to my child first and foremost.

i could go on and on as to why i cant.

but i won't let those cant's stop me. because even if i can't be at different locations all at once, i know my God can. and i know the one power i have is prayer. so i allow God to use my mouth and seize my heart to pray for His people and pray for the nations. to pray for people who tweet and blog about addiction. loneliness. infertility. natural disasters. human trafficking. hurt. depression. anxiousness. pride. lust. confusion.

i've always prayed that my heart and His heart beat as one. i know that His heart beats for people.... so my heart prays for those He loves. my heart prays for the nations. and i pray for YOU. because He loves you.