Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happy heart.

i want a happy heart. not just emotionally, but physically as well. this is not a post about a new year's resolution to get skinny and lose weight. instead it's a post about believing to stay healthy.

i'm really trying to be pro-active about taking care of my health and especially my heart. i never worried about eating/drinking more fiber, fish & omega oil before... but now i do. i never thought that at 31 i would worry about my keeping my cholesterol level low... but now i do.

last november, my lab results showed that i had high bad cholesterol and i need to lower it down. coz if not then i would need to drink expensive medicine to keep my cholesterol level low.

i refuse to drink medicine.... so now i'm trying my best to take care of me.

the doctor's report reminded me of galatians 6:7 - "don't be misled. you will always harvest what you plant".

i know i haven't sowed good into this temple though out the years. instead i've abused it. i realized that i've sown some bad stuff into my body and im facing the consequences. from nicotine to drugs, to alcohol and bacon and french fries and no exercise. and now i'm reaping what i've sown.

i hope and pray that God would keep me free from sickness. i pray for God to lower my triglycerides count down, but
i realize that God gave me this body and i need to be a responsible steward of it. i can pray all i want, but if i keep eating that brownie or if i don't exercise, it's like I'm mocking His creation. i am His temple and my body represents His blessing and His gift of life. what eating healthy and exercising does to my physical body is equivalent to what fasting, praying and reading the Word for my soul. i only get one chance to show myself as a faithful steward of this temple...and i want to be able to show Him that i'm grateful for this body He has given me.

and because of that...one of my priorities this year is for me to believe (and DO SOMETHING about it) for me to have good health this 2011.