Tuesday, January 25, 2011

desperate much?

our smallgroup. so blessed to be able to be surrounded by great women of faith.

Day:16 - Hannah (1Samuel 1: 1-20)

Hannah was so heartbroken and desperate because God wasn’t answering the desires of her heart. Her husband had another wife who bore him lots of children and yet Hannah was barren. Even though she had a husband who loved her (1 samuel 1:5), there was still a longing and a desire in her heart and a promise that was divinely put inside of her. Here's a few lessons I gleaned from reading this chapter.
  • Just because other people are fruitful and you aren’t doesn’t mean that God has forgotten about you. (1 Sam1:4) 
  • The enemy will use any way he can to taunt you and provoke you to lose faith in the midst of trials (1 Sam 1:6-7) 
  • Brokenness and barrenness creates a desperation in you and it will either drive you away from God or drive you closer to His heart and cause you to pray. (1Sam1:7) 
  • Don’t overlook the blessings God has given you during the time of desperation and barrenness. (1Sam1:8) 
  • Pray and speak His will over your prayers (1 Sam 1:10-12) 
  • Not everyone you meet will understand what you’re going through.. surround yourself with people that do. (1Sam1:12) 
  • Speak His peace in your hearts and don’t let your problem / worries dictate your life. (1 Samuel 1:17-18) 
  • Arise and do what needs to be done until you see the fruition of your prayer (1Samuel 1:19-20)  
Jim Laffoon said:  “I have found God uses the desperation of His people to bring them to the place they need to be– in order to raise what He has called them to birth.

Do you have a desire so deep in your heart that you long for God to answer? God is the same yesterday, today and forever and if He was able give Hannah the godly desire of her heart, our Father will give it to us as well. Keep on praying and believing till He comes through for you.