Wednesday, January 12, 2011

best friend.

the bible doesn't really call a lot of people God's friend. yes, there patriarchs and leaders and prophets like isaac, joseph, deborah, jacob, david, daniel, samuel, paul, etc. but God reserved the title "friend" to only a select few. as far as i'm concerned, i can only recall 3 people in the bible that God clearly talked with face to face (and if there are more...please let me know). 

abraham was one of those privileged few. "abraham ..was called the friend of God " [james 2:23, Isaiah 41:8, Genesis 18:17 – 18:20-33]

i imagine YHWY and abraham stopping  in the middle of Ur and Canaan, possibly dropping by the local starbucks and sitting down together to have coffee conversations about life. they would walk alongside each other, laughing together, talking together, and encouraging each other.

abraham and God were so tight that God chose not to keep any secrets away from abraham. God told Him what would be happening in regards to abraham's personal dreams and desires. He told about His future children and the nations that would be born from them. He told him what would happen to the nation of israel and the coming destruction of other locations. He shared His heart to abraham because abraham was His friend. and abraham believed God. in every word. every. little. word. He trusted God and therefore God trusted Him. God was so open to abraham that  He could trust abraham to bear the weight of His secrets. 

"shall I hide from abraham what I am doing" - [genesis 18:17]

i would LOVE the privilege to be able to be called a friend of God. my heart longs to be able to be like abraham and trust Him at His word and believe in what He says without doubting. i would love to be the kind of friend that God can trust His secrets with and share His dreams to. but in order for me to go from a disciple and a follower to a friend that God can trust... i must be able to teach my heart to not doubt Him. i must discipline myself to take Him at His word no matter what. and i must be able to walk with Him side to side, as a friend would.

i have quite a long way to go before i get there. my stubborn heart and my hard heard often flinches when He shares things with me during my word time and prayer time. in fact, i choose to not believe certain things until i get "confirmation". im more like a gideon or a jonah than an abraham.

i ask myself, how can He trust me to be His friend? how can He trust my heart to bear the weight of His secrets for people and nations if i can't even trust the simplest things He tells me. 

i desire to be considered His friend and for that to happen, i need to be like abraham and believe and continue to choose to believe in Him and His promises no matter how i feel and no matter what happens. 

abraham believed in (adhered to, trusted in, and relied on) God, and this was accounted to him as righteousness (as conformity to God's will in thought and deed), and he was called God's friend. [james 2:23]