Monday, January 3, 2011

1.2.11 journal.

this year...i am believing to be able to journal once again.

i used to love writing love letters to God and writing my heart out on paper. then something happened back in 2005 -2006 that caused me to stop. since then journaling has become a lost art for me.

i tried to pick up a pen and paper and write my heart out a few times these past couple of years, but having my deepest thoughts and my heart cries written in such a tangible, visible way has been hard for me to do. i wrote a few things here and there, but i never really was able to continue. these past 4+ years, i've learned to keep my heart thoughts only between me and God in the prayer closet.

being with God in the secret place has sustained me these past few years, but i can hear the pen and paper calling me back. i realized, that my mind cant remember every little detail of my life and if i don't write the important details down, it will soon be forgotten.

there really is nothing like writing my feelings, thoughts, breakthroughs and even heartbreaks on paper. there's nothing like looking back through the years as i flip through the pages while reading words and emotions and seeing tear stains or coffee stains blot out words. there's also nothing like being able to see my personal growth in my faith walk and to see how far God has taken me.

dear pen and paper, im ready once again. love, me.