Wednesday, December 1, 2010

joy - day 1

starting today, i will post pics and stories of the simple things that bring me joy. 31 joyful posts for the next 31 days to celebrate my 31 years of life and to celebrate my favorite season of the year as well :)

my joys for today:

* breakfast of champions: oatmeal & fruit for the body; coffee for the heart; Word for the mind & soul. #100joys

* despite a busy day, I took the time to look up and appreciate the sky that God has painted for me today. #100joys

* free coffee. always a joy to have some.#100joys

* someone got me glasses for my birthday after a year++ of not having one. yay!! i was blind but now i see :) #100joys

* running and racing with the owner of these freakish alien fingers. (i love him by the way). #100joys

 @sarahmarkley and a bunch of others are also doing posts about #100joys.  
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