Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in the midst of darkness.

400 years of waiting.

the voices of the prophets were silent. and no one spoke of the Word. there was no encouragement from God. israel was waiting for her Promised King. The Messiah. the last time that the "Word of the Lord" came to her to encourage her was 400 years ago. it's been too long. she was discouraged. she was tired of waiting. she needed a sign.

many of her people had hearts that became discouraged and fell in love with the affairs of the world. they decided to not follow the one true YHWH. some still followed the law but their hearts grew cold towards God.  but in the midst of darkness, there were still a faithful few left who loved God, that even though there wasn't a manifest presence of God in their lives, they still chose to believe and still chose to have faith and remain righteous in His sight.

zacharias and elizabeth were one of the few faithful ones. they were well advanced in years and had no children of their own. being barren during those days was a sign of God's displeasure and curse. yet, they still  chose to worship YHWH. the bible clearly says that they were righteous before God, blameless, and they walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord. [luke 1:5:7] even if God didn't answer their prayers to have a child, they still chose to believe in the God of their ancestors. 

in the midst of darkness.
400 years of waiting.
no encouragement. no signs. no answered prayers.
a remnant of God's people remained faithful, 
no matter their life circumstance.  

because of zacharias and elizabeth's faithfulness, God chose to use this couple to be the bearer of the one who would share the beginning of the Good News. their child would be the prophet that was promised during the old testament that would pave the way to tell israel that her King was coming. in an instant, God changed their situation and used this family to change a nation and the world forever.

i pray that this can be said of us today. no matter where you are in the world, no matter  what problems and trials that you face. whether or not God has chosen to answer your prayers. whether He gives us encouragement or not, may we choose to continue to remain faithful and obey Him, no matter what. 

we must remain steadfast, faithful and obedient, even in the midst of the darkest moments of our lives. we need to trust that He will always be faithful to His promises. because we'll never really know how God will choose to show up.  in fact, He can even use our stories of pain, darkness, barrenness and  the "impossibles" in our lives for us to be able to give birth to children, and businesses and ministries and books and dreams that will pave the way to tell the world of our King.