Thursday, December 16, 2010

in the house.

it was finally his turn. 

"so that it was, that while he was serving as a priest before God...
his lot to fell to burn incense when he went into the temple of the Lord." - [luke1:8]

zachariah had been serving in the house of the Lord for years and years. him and his wife elizabeth come from the line of priests that have served in the temple for thousands of years (elizabeth's great-great-great-grand-daddy was aaron, and you cant get any more priestly than that).

zachariah and elizabeth grew up hearing stories passed from one generation to the next about the miracles God did for His people and the promise of a Savior. those stories gave them hope during the time of darkness and silence. those stories energized them to continue to remain faithful and serve YHWH in the midst of all of the chaos, the despair and the confusion of everyone around them.

a lot of people were heartbroken, a lot of people probably even "backslid". there were some who decided to lord it over others and they became manipulative and took advantage of the silence of God.  this couple has seen it all. older priest who had become bitter from waiting and young priests who were so full of youthful pride and unhealthy passion in the beginning of their walk and they saw them fall away from the faith, one by one through out time. then there was their own personal pain of not being able to bear a child.

but all those things never stopped them. they remained steadfast in their heart to serve and worship. they weren't there to serve man. they were there to worship God. to them service = worship. the day came when it was finally zachariah's turn to burn incense in the temple. they say that this was a once in a life time task for a priest to be able to accomplish. i bet he was excited. he was waiting to fulfill this moment all his life. he would go into the temple and burn incense as a sign of offering and worship to his One True God. little did he know that that very day, God was about to do something that would completely blow his mind away and change the face of the world forever.

zachariah and elizabeth reminds us to remain faithful to serve in the house of the Lord, no matter what is going on around us. their story reminds us to not despise the day of small beginnings [zech4:10]. we must remain steadfast in our hearts to serve, not just in the house of God, but to also serve others around us as well. their story is a great reminder to not grow weary in well doing, knowing at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. [gal 6:9]

because of their faithfulness, God rewarded them with something that was beyond their expectation. they wanted a baby, God gave them a prophet. they dreamt of a family, God gave them a promise larger than they could ever hope or imagine.

remain faithful to serve and love His house and His people. you'll never know, the very area that you are faithfully serving in will be the same area where He will meet not just your needs, but the deepest desires of your heart. show up. that is all He asks.