Saturday, December 4, 2010

happiest place on earth.

contrary to popular belief the happiest place on earth isn't at disneyland. instead, it's in the company of people you love the most. thankful i got to spend my birthday last night and my"extended" birthday with my family and friends.  i am so blessed to have them. i got my wish answered: i will finally be getting a computer SOON! praise Jesus! (after 11 months of blogging on my phone) =] this was definitely my bestest birthday ever.

#100joys - starbucks coffee and free disney tickets!
#100joys - picture with goofy my favorite disney OG character.
#100joys - family in disney.

and i got to see the candlelight parade and listen to a guy talk about the birth of Jesus and  hear a choir sing christmas hymns (like songs about Jesus, not just snowmans & reindeers). it was like God orchestrated for them to be at disneyland on my birthday so i would get a praise and worship concert with an amazing choir! i truly am His favorite =]

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