Friday, December 31, 2010

ending 2010 with an adventure.

ending 2010 and starting 2011 with an adventure.
a concrete jungle adventure.
we camped out in the streets of pasadena for the rose bowl parade.

 bro-in-law R and my sis C got there at 7am.
me and christian took the "2nd shift" and watched the place at 2pm.

there was a LOT of these going on around colorado.

 awww C + R = love declarations ;)

and the sun began to set... and it began to get COLD.

roughing it by going to target and ordering hot coffee and waiting for midnight =]

 around 10pm...things started getting a lil crazy and messy.
silly strings, marshmallows and tortillas flying everywhere =]

 happy new year!!!

silly strings and vuvuzelas.

aaaaand we decided to become "voluntary homeless people" on the last day of the year

goodnight and goodbye 2010.
hello 2011.