Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12.22.10 dancing in the rain.

 #100joys: watching trucks drive through BIG puddles like these.
reminds me of my old pick up truck named bogart
and how we used to drive her around in the mud.

 #100joys: pockets of sunshine in the middle of gray-cloud-filled-skies

#100joys: this view of someone's home.
(and laughing under my breath coz i realize how hard it will be to rake those leaves after)
 #100joys: christmas music playing through the sax while shopping. 

#100joys: some more rain. i seriously love the rain.

#100joys: thick gray skies.

#100joys: a promise of love. [genesis 9:13-16]

#100joys: flowers that bloom in the middle of winter.

#100joys: half days at work and napping in the afternoon.

#100joys: christmas party at work. at the beautiful castaway.
and it stopped raining.
and #100joys: i won a PRIZE!