Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.28.10 - reminder.

someone very special gave this gift to me today. i love how God knows it's birthweek & He used this wonderful woman to give me this gift that made my heart smile.

it was exactly what i needed to hear (or see) to encourage me in regards to pursuing my dream. i'm a big, big dreamer, but sometimes in the process of pursuing your dream, one faces giants and valleys and dying to one's own dreams and that part of the journey can take a toll on one's heart (it certainly does in mine).

i was suddenly reminded of bruce wilkinson's book, the dream giver when he said: "the journey toward your BIG DREAM changes you. in fact the journey itself is what prepares you to succeed at what you were born to do. and until you decide to pursue your dream, you are never going to love life the way you we're meant to". this sign reminds me to enjoy every step of the journey, even if i have to face giants and valleys and oppositions... because seeing the DREAM GIVER smile at me as He says 'well done' will make it all worth it. :)

i like to celebrate me and my life so happy birthweek to me. in chuck bass' tone of voice "let the lost birthweek/weekend commence".