Saturday, November 6, 2010

my favorite disney princess.

 who's YOUR favorite disney princess?

mine is: MULAN. i love her adventurous spirit and the fact that she wasn't afraid to go against the norm.  i like how she wasn't really royalty and she came from a normal family. she wasn't quiet, feminine, demure and too girly-girl. instead she was outspoken, independent, tomboyish and a lil rebellious. somehow, she felt like she never really "belonged" with the girly-girls group. instead her friends were a cricket and a crazy lil dragon.

her mission in life was to help save her family's land and bring honor back to her father and her family's name. she taught herself to make it in a "man's world" by enlisting in the army and training herself to be a warrior. and unlike every other disney princess, she wasn't really focused on finding a "husband" at all. it just sort of came along with the package of life. her courageous spirit caused her to save not just her family but her country as well.

of all the disney princesses, i relate the most to her. i am soooo not the "norm". if you hang around me long enough, you'll know that i'm NOT quiet, feminine, or demure. i'm very independent, tomboyish, an uber extrovert and outspoken. and people always find it weird (and they think im lying) when i say that i'm so satisfied with being a mom and my mission and vision in life is to change the world. marriage is, seriously, the last thing on my mind.

often times, the disney princess spotlight often goes to ariel, cinderella, belle, jasmine. you hardly hear of people talk about tiana,  pocahantas or mulan. it's coz their stories are so different and they don't fit the "norm" of a princess profile, like society dictates.

it's so easy to want to compare and try hard to be another kind of princess. the thing we most often forget is, that each princess has unique strengths and they have unique stories. not all are alike and it's okay to be who God created you to be. your reflection should always show who you are inside.


so embrace the princess God has molded and made you to be and don't be afraid to sing your own song.  in the end, it doesn't matter what others say, or even what you say about yourself. in God's eyes, you're still His  princess. your personality, your background, your character, and the way He shaped you to be will all play out perfectly for the role and the story He has written for you since the beginning of time.

with that said...i'd like to know... which disney princess do you most relate to the most and why?