Thursday, November 4, 2010

give it away now.

i'm giving away a FREE ticket for the radiant women's conference. (yes, the song that's stuck in my head as im typing this is RHCP's give it away)

radiant women's conference will be on nov. 12 and 13, 2010 and it will be held at studio city, ca. our guest speakers for this year includes lynette lewis - author, motivational speaker and president of stop child trafficking nowpastor jim laffoon - author, international speaker and many more.

if you haven't heard, this year's conference theme is DREAM. and those who know me know how much i love to encourage people to dream big dreams and to live their lives to the fullest potential (it's the maximizer in me ). it's part of my mission and vision statement.

so it's actually my dream come true to be able to give someone the chance to be encouraged by this conference.

anywhoooo... enough about me. now i want to hear about YOU.  here's your chance to let me know why i should choose YOU =] and since this is a contest...rules & restrictions apply. so the rules are:
  1. that you haven't registered for the conference
  2. "like" radiant women's page  if you have facebook 
  3. if we're not friends, you've got to holla and "friend" me on facebook / twitter =]  and RT/post this on your status: get a chance to win a free ticket to DREAM - Radiant Women's Annual Conference! for more information tweet @pa3cia or visit:
  4.  you MUST answer these questions (via comment or email - ricianne(at)ricianne(dot)com)
  • If nothing was impossible and you could live out your God-given dreams tomorrow, what would you be doing?
  • Name a hobby or something fun that you would like to accomplish in the next year or so. 
after that i will prayerfully decide (or if it's too hard...i'll "cast lots") and choose who will win the prize =]

whatchu waiting for??? go on and email away. hope to see you there!