Saturday, November 13, 2010

dream come true.

in the midst of all the crazy things happening in my life right now, i feel like God is taking the time to woo  and speak to my heart in ways that only He can. one of the things He seems to be showing me recently is to keep on asking and believing for things, even if it seems like it's non-sense to other people. on my bucket-to-do-list, i have a list of people that i'd like to meet and in the past 2 weeks, i was able to cross 2 people out of there. one was meeting him...

and last weekend i got to meet lynette lewis.
 i didn't just get to take a picture with her. i actually had a few moments when i was able to  have a couple of short conversations with her about stilettos, her website, tips on being a speaker, and common friends.

this feiry, passionate woman of God has inspired me for years to continue to hold on to the dreams God has put in my heart. i first heard her preach in person when i had attended a conference in raleigh (i think back in 04 or 05), and i knew immediately that i  wanted to meet her one day. 

she's such a great example of a "deborah-like" woman who not only preaches and teaches the Word but is also a prolific motivational speaker in church and in the business field. she has also authored a book and continues to speak in women's conferences to inspire women to dream. my closest friends and the women in my smallgroup know that what she's doing has been an on-going dream in my heart for a years now. in a ministry where there aren't many women preachers and leaders being raised up, she's one of the rare jewels of women i truly look up to and respect when it comes to being a woman in leadership.

it was really great to see her interact with other people in person. one thing i noticed about her is that she has  a keen attention to details. she didn't forget a name. she remembered what was written on people's dream boards. and she kept on motivating and encouraging people, even if she didn't really know them. her love for other people radiated through her in a very real way. she reminded me of this post that i had written earlier this year regarding dreaming big and loving on other people

it was so refreshing and inspiring to watch her interact with people and share about God. another thing is that the knows her stuff. she has studied, researched, and lived out what she's teaching when it comes to leadership, empowering others and team building. she was well informed and very professional and yet she was also very approachable. she came and became a breathe of fresh air for me... a dreamer with a weary heart.

aside from inspiring me to do all that, she has also helped put a new dream in my heart.  last october, me and my son participated in the stop child trafficking now walk, and my son was able to raise $800 (he's the #1 fund raiser in all of so-cal for 2010). one of the things that i would like to be more involved in for the future is to help raise awareness to let the world know about this heinous crime of human and child trafficking.

im so thankful for women like her who have helped pioneered and paved the way for the next generation of women to dream big dreams for God. because of her testimony and her life story, i can be sure that although things might end up "different than what i thought, i know it will be better than what i imagined."*

*(quote from chapter 10 of her book: climbing the ladder in stilettos.)