Thursday, November 25, 2010

daily dose of thanks - thanksgiving


  1. thankful for the process of preparation and waiting. i was getting soooooo hungry while the food was being prepared that i just wanted to eat and eat and eat. though i had a couple of bites here and there, i decided to have some self control and wait till the end of the night to eat a full meal. let me tell ya, i'm so GLAD i waited. coz the food was uber-delish!

    after i partook of the all the food (to the point of gluttony) i realized, things wouldn't have tasted as delicious as it did if i had not waited for it and if i decided to stuff myself with other things before hand. and it wouldn't have tasted as good as it did if my brother in law didn't carefully take the time to prepare each dish and garnish them with the proper ingredients.

    it was as if God was showing me, that it's the same way in life. we live in a microwave generation where we want things quick and easy. yet God is old school... He takes the time to carefully prepare and slow cook the best of his master creations before He presents them as bread and food to the world. =] so im thankful for the season of preparation and im thankful He's giving me the grace to wait joyfully till the right time and season.
  2. thankful that i am able to celebrate today with the people that i love the most.
  3. thankful that i am able to appreciate the beauty of everyday with all my senses.
  4. thankful for this lil dog who came into our life year. it's been a year now that he's been a part of our family. he has not only been therapeutic for my son, but he has been a constant friend and companion to me as well. i love my bambam.
  5. thankful for laughter and joy. and for competitive people who love playing board games.

    in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God [1 thessalonians 5:18]