Sunday, November 21, 2010

daily dose of thanks - sunday.

every day this week, i will be posting something or a few things that i am thankful and grateful for. 

a few doses of thankfulness a day  keeps worry, stress, bitterness and unbelief away =]

thankful for my restful sunday:
  1. this was our last service in this building after 7 years of meeting here. im so thankful for everything God did in and through this church these past 7+ years. im thankful for the friendships made, everything that i was able to learn (from serving to leading), for the many souls saved. im grateful for the fun times as well as the trials and the pain that happened through out those years. there's something that happens when you stick with your church through the good and bad times... it's thickens the ties that bind friendship and spiritual family together. our church is moving on to bigger & better things. it's exciting. God is faithful. 
  2.  thankful for my family. took my son out on a lunch date with my son to spend some alone time with him. we ate at some healthy place called flame broilers ( so super health conscious now). im so proud of myself coz i only took only a few bites of chicken (yay!)  BUT after that i took him to yogurtland and im not gonna lie... i had yogurt too. thankful for good times with my son andfor  taro yogurt with mochi toppings.
  3. thankful for clothes to wear...lots and lots of clothes to wear... about 3 bags full. even if it's a pain in the butt to wash, dry, fold and put them away.
  4. thankful for wanting to be HEALTHY! last saturday i found out that i have high cholesterol and triglycerides level... so now im on a mission to lower that junk and be healthy. went on a 2 mile walk with my sister... and for dinner, while everyone else feasted on pizza, i ate OATMEAL *yum*. then i had pomegranate and fresh apple & oj juice for dessert. super health freak.
  5. thankful for being able to watch tv and scrutinize AMA performers and real housewives of atlanta the rest of the night while trying to plan for birthdays that are coming up (one of which is MINE). 
what a restful, refreshing, praise-filled weekend. thank you Jesus!

be at rest once more, o my soul, for the Lord has been good to you [psalm 116:7]

 what are you thankful for?