Wednesday, November 24, 2010

daily dose of thanks - my heroes of faith

im gonna take this time to say thank you to these specific people who have helped shape the course of my life. if not for them, i'd probably be dead (no exaggerating here). i was a VERY DIFFICULT person  before  i met Christ (that is an understatement..ask anyone im related to).

these people showed me the way back to His heart by leading me, loving me, teaching me, rebuking me and showing me the way to eternal life. my heart is so full of gratitude and love and respect for them. they have sowed not just words of wisdom, but invested in time, tears, prayers and even more tears into my life and i would like to take this time to recognize each one of them one by one.
  1. my papa, mama, & my sisters: only a few people really know who and how evil i was before i met Jesus. you guys know. thank you for loving me when i was unlovable. i was on the path of self destruction. no words can express how thankful i am for your patience and love that you showed me during those days.
  2. my cousins: thank you for stopping me from killing myself. thank you for keeping me sane and loved when i felt so unloved. you guys always knew how to put a smile on my face.
  3. papa dan and sister barba cunningham and pastor steve mirpuri: i am forever grateful. you saw destiny in me, when every one else saw trouble. everyone else saw the external hardness of the runaway 14 year old rebellious child, but you saw through that. you shared God's mercy and love and grace. i pray i would be able to emulate to other hurting people that are just like me. even when i kicked you and punched you and pushed you away, you showed me so much love and  patience and grace  your prayers are why i am who i am today. your prayers are why i am alive today.
  4. ms. mencias: the only principal i remember: i pushed you and slapped you and threw you against the wall, not wanting to hear what it is that you had to say. but every week, you still came to my house and sat in the living room, bible on hand, waiting for hours for me to come and meet with you to pray. i haven't forgotten.
  5. robert and maileen hern: when i got pregnant with my son, you were the first pastor i had talked to who told me about God's promise to become a Father to the fatherless. your story is most likely why my son is alive today (next to God's will keeping Him alive). you gave me hope when i was hopeless. and you introduced me to victory =]
  6. dennis puzon: you know why you have special mention. your heart has the capability to forgive anyone and show mercy to everyone. i've always respected you for that. 
  7. avi melicor: i've never forgotten our converstation a few days before i went back to church. you said to me: "if you could lead that much people to do drugs/party & do crazy stuff, imagine what you can do for God if you take Him seriously". thanks for talking some sense into me =] naks...prophetic ka pala!
  8. cindy diƱo: what can i say? if not for you dragging me into your smallgroup, taking the time to answer my difficult questions and showing me soooooooo much patience, i would've never found my way back in His arms. thank you for your love. saludo ako sayo.
thank you. each and every one of you.
you are my hebrews 11 people.
your names are written down in the hall of faith of my heart.