Friday, November 5, 2010

11.5.10 common 1st friday.

i had a REALLY rough day today. actually rough would be an understatement. i woke up today with such a heavy heart.  these past 2 weeks, i have been bombarded with a lot of problems and stress. so much so that the whole day i was at work trying my hardest to fight back the tears. my attempt failed several times. on the way home, i caved in and i was crying every time the car stopped on a red light.

needless to say, i was relieved that the weekend was here. i was planning to just stay at home in my pj's and eat ice cream the whole night. but when i heard that eddie cole was singing on first fridays, i decided to get outta my funky mood and leave the house.


we met at a new location and i so looooved the vibe. 
tony hosted tonight and im so happy he did. 
he ALWAYS makes me laugh.
i'm so glad he's back!
(follow him on twitter - and check out the book of tone & costas world)

eddie cole & mulatto came up and sang a song.
and let me tell ya...that man can sing.
remember...i traded in a night of pj's & ice cream just to hear him sing =]

and then he sang another song....
and a "guest" just had to come up and join him on stage.
common and eddie singing the light

 me and common.
this is how i know that Jesus loves you, but im so SURE im His favorite.
i'm not one to get starstruck easily...but i was tonight.
this moment turned my frown upside down and made my night.
i've had a crush on him for forever.
and yes...i was sooo giddy to see him, that i gave him a really big bear hug...
like he was a long lost cousin or something!
LOL *embarrassing*

it was such a God moment for me
coz i came to hear eddie cole sing....
 and yet i got that and so much more.
it was way more than what i was expecting to receive.
it's as if God was telling me 
that even if things have been insanely hard...
what i will receive in return will even be greater than what i'm expecting.
all i have to do is to continue to show up
and remain excited for what it is i know...
coz there are surprises along the way.
and it will be exceedingly greater than what i have dreamed or imagined.

and ofcourse... common with danielle and kelvin.
if you don't know the truitts, you NEED to get to know them.
this powerhouse couple is ridonculously blessed by God. 
they are ultra talented, super creative, and yet they're so humble.
im so blessed to know them as friends & as pastors as well.

dani, kelz, tony, brie, and the rest of first fridays...
i cannot thank you enough. 
you made one of the ugliest fridays of my life turn into a really great day.

so if you guys are wanting to laugh, hear great music & see amazing talents, 
now you know where to find it ;)
coz these are common things that happen over at myfirstfridays.

first fridays falls on my birthday next month 
(which also happens to be kelz & tony's birthday weekend too....)
so i hope to party with you and see you there!