Monday, November 1, 2010

11.1.10 baby brother.

I wondered about you today. I allowed my heart to go that place to think and dwell on the thought of you.

I allowed myself to wonder how you would've looked like if you were still alive today. I wondered what crazy antics you and your nephew would've gotten into. I wonder how you would've smelled like and how insane you would've driven your sisters coz you would've been the spoiled brat. ;) I wondered, if you were born, how much of your existence would've changed things in our family.

I know one day I'll get the answers. I know one day I'll get the chance to give you a big hug. But as for now, know that I thought of you today and that I allowed my heart to feel how much I missed you, even if we never really "met".

It's all saints day and you, my baby brother, are my saint in heaven. You never got the chance to live or experience a loving touch from your parents or sisters, but know that you were so loved by your family.

I love you my *ading. You're my baby angel watching down over us. Do me a favor and give Jesus a big hug for me. Let the warmth of His arms show you how much your sister loves you.

I'm glad I visited that place in my heart that allowed me to think of you. You hold a special place in my heart and that part will forever be yours.

Phillip Christian. I love you.


ading - younger sibling; someone younger
ate - older sister