Thursday, October 21, 2010

what's YOUR story?

i absolutely love hearing people's stories and testimonies. there's something powerful about hearing the way God has undeniably changed a person's life in that moment He becomes real to them. hang around me long enough and it's inevitable that i will ask you my favorite question: "what's' YOUR story?" i believe that everyone's story is important and unique. i believe that each story has power to change and touch someone else's life. i believe that each person's story is carefully written to give praise to the Author of Life.

i love sharing my story as well. sharing my testimony is so important to me that i try incorporate even just a snippet of it when i teach in my smallgroup or  in different classes at my church. a few months ago, i asked the ladies who attend my  smallgroup to share their own personal stories and struggles and how God changed their lives. it was so beautiful to be able to hear how God has healed and redeemed each woman from their own personal pain and give them purpose for their heartbreak.

just the other day, we had the same experience in another one of the bible studies that i attend. we had several people share their testimonies and their stories and it was so raw and powerful to hear the things that God has done in the lives of His children. then yesterday tyler perry shared about his journey about being abused as a child and it made me want to publish this post even more.

i was suddenly reminded me of a twitter experiment that someone did around this time last year. he asked us to summarize our story in 140 characters or less. there were quite a number of people who participated in this experiment. check out their stories here, here, and here. this is what i wrote:

abused. rebellious. singlemom. extremely hurt. overwhelmed by Gods love. redeemed. restored. renewed. my pain now has a purpose. #mylifein140

it was such an innovative way to share our testimony. in light of the recent events of people around me sharing their story, i would like to give you (my friends and readers) a chance to share YOUR testimony on here. (that is if you feel comfortable to do so) now i know not everyone is twitter savvy and compressing your testimony into 140 characters is feel free to write 1-2 sentences if you need to. 

like i said... i've written a part of my story  here before and i would love to hear yours. i want to read and see the great things God has done in and through your lives so please feel free to share YOUR story in 140.

They overcame the enemy by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and not loving their lives unto death - rev. 12:11 (niv)