Thursday, October 28, 2010

if i wrote a letter in the bible.

she wrote a blog post yesterday and challenged us readers "to write and post a letter you would write to today’s believers like Paul."

now that's a lot to ask for, coz there's a lot of things i will probably say. she wrote a really heartfelt and beautiful letter.

you see, i don't have that same capacity to do that. i'm a "tell it like it is" person and the reality is, i would probably talk a lot of smack on there coz people get on my nerves [and im sure i get on people's nerves too.] so instead of writing to "strangers", i will write to someone who is dear to my heart, just like paul did to timothy. i'm gonna write my son and share 30 nuggets to live by [these are somethings that i've told him at one point or another or it's something that i tell him everyday.]

i'm hoping someone else will read this epistle and find something that speaks to them as well.

365 pic
dear christian... always remember:
  1. before you get out of bed, say thank you to God for this new day.
  2. eat breakfast. never leave house with an empty stomach [so when you get older, you never get into the habit of buying $5 coffees & $3 muffins just because you forgot to make your own breakfast & coffee]
  3. do everything excellently.
  4. obey the first time, every time, with a good attitude.
  5. make your bed, brush your teeth. change your underwear. dont pick your scabs/pimples.
  6. take the time to laugh. at least twice a day.
  7. don't do side hugs. if you're gonna hug someone, give out real hugs.
  8. take the time to have lots of fun. travel. build. don't forget to play and learn new things.
  9. credit cards are of the devil so learn to live below your means. and SAVE. money isn't everything and being rich isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
  10. always find room in your heart to forgive. don't judge. give grace.
  11. read your bible - even if it's just a verse. read it out loud and explain to me what it means to you right now.
  12. eat right. don't eat too much sweets. exercise.
  13. be careful little heart what you feel, be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little hands what you touch , be careful little feet where you go. [let the motivation of your heart remain pure and holy]
  14. don't hold on to any thing too tightly. things are just things.
  15. pray for everything. i mean EVERYTHING. if there's anything that i want you to learn about our faith - it's to learn to love to pray and be in communion w/ God constantly.
  16. learn to listen to that still, small voice. that voice is going to help you make the right decisions when you're older.
  17. walk your dog. pick up his poo. you prayed for him, you wanted him, so he's your responsibility. don't ask for something if you can't handle the responsibilities that come with it.
  18. control your temper. be careful with your words.
  19. don't forget to call your grandma/grandpa, relatives and friends, even if it's just to say hi.
  20. remember to pray for the poor, the sick, the needy, the nations.
  21. take the time to read books. even if you hate it.
  22. never lose focus on Christ, even when things are hard.
  23. DREAM BIG - with God nothing is impossible. miracles still happen.
  24. take the time to get to know the Holy Spirit. you can't live life without Him.
  25. dont stare at the tv/ds/computer/phone all day long.
  26. do your daily chores.
  27. don't get frustrated if things don't work out right away. try and try until you get it right.
  28. i chose not to run after a great career. instead i chose to homeschool you, because i want you to know that i prioritize you. when you have a wife & kids, please show them that you prioritize them too.
  29. share Jesus to others. don't be ashamed of Him.
  30. love always.
i write this letter because i love you so much. please don't think these are "rules" you must live by... i share these things because i want what is best for you. i pray God's grace and peace and joy fill you always. i pray His love consumes your life and your response to His love would be to live a lifestyle of worship. you are my hero. your love has taught me how to live. know that you came into this world so loved by me and others. now go and share that love to those in need. this hurting world needs someone like you, so go and make a difference. i gave birth to a world changer, so go ahead and change the world!

love you forever,