Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10.13.10 dog spelled backward is God.

he's always so happy to see me... whether i've been gone for the whole day or for just 5 minutes, his reaction when he sees me is always the same. he wags his tail and gently lays his paws on my legs to try and catch my attention. he'll maybe bark a little, then run around for joy coz he's so happy that i'm by his side. and as if that was not enough to show how much he loves me, he follows me around everywhere i go... whether i'm in the kitchen washing the dishes or when i'm chillin' watching tv...he's there lingering in my presence. 

but me being in the room isn't even enough for him. he will always lay down close enough to where i am so that if i suddenly move, he's aware of it. this dog will do anything i ask of him to do; whether it's sit, stay, play dead, roll over, shake, stop, etc. with one command, he obeys. he does it because he knows that i care for him. i feed him. i rescued him. i have given him a roof over his head. and me and my son show him lots of love. and his natural response is to want to linger in my presence, remain loyal to me, obey my commands and show us lots of love as well.

this dog is teaching me a thing or two about my relationship with my Master and King. bambam is reminding me to remain overjoyed when i am with my God.. that i should long to linger in His presence and lay at His feet to worship Him, so much so that i will be able to sense His every move. This lil' mutt is also reminding me about the importance of taking God at His Word and obeying His commands promptly, not because of fear but because of love. my very motive in life should be to make Him happy and please my Master.

what a great revelation from my four-legged friend. :)