Sunday, October 3, 2010

10.3.10 take the lead.

take the lead dinner - where the pastor of our church invited the staff, leaders and the people who have faithfully been serving at this church for years. he took the time to encourage us to continue to  take the lead in serving the church and in giving for this new season as well. 

the youth/ONE group served us food and decorated the place. (soraya did such a wonderful job). it was a great night and it feels really nice to be acknowledged and valued and even being served like this from time to time. (just keeping it real.)

side note: leaders...know the value of the people God has put along side of you and don't be afraid to acknowledge the greatness inside of them and help launch them into their God given destinies. just like a parent does to a child, my job isn't to raise my child to think small but to grow and mold him to dream bigger dreams than i have and do more than what i possibly could. i think the same thing for people in my smallgroup and in my church. don't be afraid to recognize the gift in people and teach them to fly... even if they fly out of your church and move into a new one. one plants, one waters but it's God who makes them grow.