Wednesday, September 22, 2010


top twelve reasons why you are my favoritest youngest baby sister and why i love you so very much:

12. the way your hair curls on top. i know you hate it coz you used to have super straight hair, but i like it coz it gives me more excuses to help you straighten your hair and do "girly" stuff with you.

11. the fact that you hang out with us (me and christian) every summer, almost the whole summer (for the past 3 years)=] it's almost like a ritual already. you can't seem to get enough of us.

10. eating midnight snacks with you coz we get hungry while watching the food network. (this is WHY i keep in on hgtv/discovery)

9. i love that you love twilight, even if you said you hated it before. ha! coz now we found a reason to go out and bond and have a date without christian having to come with us ;)

8. the fact that you love to read. (yay!) i think out of everyone in the family, i can say you got that from me. =]

7. you are a wonderful writer. i still have all your "short stories" saved on my disk and your story about christmas saved in my christmas box. i know you will be an excellent writer one day. maybe you should start blogging ;) (again just like me...woohoo!)

6. the way you give me the "you need to pray" look =]

5. other girls have no idea how it feels like to grow up in a broken family. to believe for God to heal a skin condition for years and you're still waiting for it to happen. with parents fighting and having to deal with a lot of emotions that we have for the past 3 years. yet you have remained faithful, joyful, strong and understanding through it all.

4. the way you love your nephew. even if you guys fight sometimes and you do things to annoy each other... you always have a blast together and you guys love to annoy me by talking while im sleeping. i also love the way you are so protective of him (especially when the guy was bullying him during his basketball game).

3. how you love to laugh. even if there is no reason to laugh, you will make yourself laugh. and you love to hug. (but i hate it when you hug me while im sleeping).

2. i love our secret conversations and "knowing" looks. especially when we talk about things that only me and you know =]

1. number one reason why i love you is coz you love God, your family and friends so much. you have a tender heart towards everyone that comes along your path and you can't help but believe the best in everyone. your heart to love and care and forgive people has inspired me to want to be more like you.

thank you for arriving 12 years and 9 months ago.
you've made my world a much better place.
happy happy happy 12th birthday kubs.
i love you always.