Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9.7.10 good gifts.

we celebrated my papa's 50th birthday today. (i call him papa coz he is my step-dad... and i call my biological father daddy)

my sister had been emailing me, telling me how hard it was to find the exact gift my papa wanted (which was a blue sperry topsider (i know it's oh-so-80's). 

she had searched and searched and searched online for it...and finally found one in his size. perfect. 

it was the exact gift he wanted. he has been wanting to have one for years. his girlfriend said he mentioned it this morning and was thinking of getting it himself. little did he know... it was already wrapped up for him and would be given to him that very night. 

the look on my papa's face when he opened the gift was priceless. he turned 50, but his smile radiated and showed the youthfulness of his heart, just like a child opening a gift on christmas morning.

i learned a few things as i watched him open his gift. i thought to myself: imagine if he wasn't specific with his requests and didn't say what he wanted, then how could we have known what to get him? also, imagine if he was in such a hurry to buy it and he didn't even bother waiting for it but went out to get it himself. the element of surprise would have been ruined.

it reminded me of the saying: good things come to those who wait.

but i will add to that and say: good things come to those
 who ask specifically and wait on God.

i have to constantly remind myself to keep on being specific when it comes to conversations with my Father and to keep on waiting on Him with a youthful, excited heart. sometimes desiring and wanting things (even godly things) rouse something in us and somehow we want to "make it happen" for us. instead of wanting to wait... we will try to go out and "buy". 

though we have exactly what we want when we "buy" it, it's a very different experience when something is given to you as a gift and it was given out of the blue and it came as a surprise to you. because when we open the gift that we've been praying for...it will be more than what we've asked for and our hearts will truly be overjoyed and the gift will be more treasured.

i am reminded that there is beauty and strength in waiting for God's perfect timing in regards to answered prayers and dreams and gifts. because He has the best in mind for us and He is waiting for the perfect time to give them to us. as a loving Father, He can't wait to watch us smile like a child once the gift is unwrapped and unraveled right before our eyes. 

my lesson for the day: ask specifically. wait on Him and rest in His love. the gifts will come in due time.

If you, then, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him [matthew 7:11]