Thursday, September 16, 2010


a couple of years ago, my dear friend and smallgroup leader challenged us (the women in her smallgroup) to start believing and dreaming big dreams for our lives. we went through lesson after lesson on how to write your mission and vision statement to writing out your personal dreams as well as the God-given ones and making goals on how to attain them. and one of the challenges she gave us was to be vulnerable enough to make a dream book / board.

during that time, it was hard for me to make my  dream book, because i was going through a very rough time. i didn't have a place of my own (me & my son were sleeping on sleeping bags on the floor), i had no job. no car. no open doors for ministry. i was deep in debt coz i didn't have stable work and my parents were on the brink of getting a divorce so our family was extremely hurt. i couldn't even bear to think to dream. BUT, because im a team player - i went along with the group and started doing my dream book anyway.

as cheesy as it sounded at first, the group really got excited about it, especially towards the end. we had a night where we all shared our dream boards / books to each other. we had no idea how monumental that night was going to be and how it would mark us for the rest of our lives.

fast forward 2 years after... the people in that group are now living out some of the dreams that they have shared. my mentor, who was single & living in a cramped apartment back then, is now married and living in a 3 bedroom house with a beautiful garden. my friend, who was working for a facility is now running her own facility for the elderly. another friend who had been praying for mexico for 10 years, went to mexico to help with a church plant and is now back here from that mission trip. and well... 

as for me...i have a BED, a room for me and my son, a wonderful dog, a nice, new car and a stable job, healing for my family, more open doors for ministry, AND.....

i am now sharing the exact same lessons to my own smallgroup and encouraging the women in my group to dream as well. through doing my dreambook, i realized that one of the things i love to do is to inspire people to DREAM BIG DREAMS. (that's my theme for this year)

my smallgroup is now getting ready to do their own dream board / book. i did a book last time, but now i am doing a dream board so i can use it for short term goals that i would like to achieve.

i can tell some women in the group are excited about this project, but there are some who have that same "look" in their eyes the way i had 2 years ago. the look that says "how can i dream right now if my life is in shambles?" 

to those women i say "DREAM even more". that's what gets me excited. the fact that i was in that same boat and yet, God delivered me out of that season and has given and is giving me more than what i thought  i would get. that gets me so pumped to dream and believe for bigger things for others. in 2 years time, He was able to turn things around in my life and continues to surprise me by opening doors i thought he never would. i know what He's done for me and my other friends, He will do for others as well.

i serve a BIG GOD... that is why i DREAM BIG.  i encourage you dear reader, dream big dreams for Him. He promises that no eye has seen and no ears have heard what He has in store for those He loves and He is always faithful to fulfill His Promises.