Sunday, September 12, 2010

9.12.10 5771.

Celebrating the 1st weekend of the Jewish New Year. 
L'Shanah Tova! 
(Ascend Malibu Church)

here are some of the things i learned from my visit in this church. this is rabbi jason sobel.  if anyone wants to know more about the roots of our faith as christians, visit this church and learn from this man. i learned so much wisdom and truth in just one hour.

rosh hashanah:
* sara, rachel and hannah all conceived during a rosh hashanah.
* joseph was freed from prison on rosh hashanah

*joseph always kept it real and had integrity. he refused to compromise. true trust in God means you recognize the hand of God in all things. if you can't see the hand of God, then trust in the heart of God.

*refinement - he wants to refine us to prepare us to the place of promotion. purification of self reliance. joseph told the cup bearer to remember him (which was a way of trusting in man not God), which added 2 more years of him staying in prison. 

*when God tested abraham (genesis 22) - the word test is the same word (nassa/nissi) in hebrew which means to lift up / banner. God brings trials into our lives to refine us and raise us up. 

*how grateful we are in the prison will determine how much praise we will give to Him in the palace.

*it's in the valley where you grow, not the mountain top places.

*one of the keys that joseph had to get the breakthrough is that he carried wisdom and revelation to understand the times and know what to do.

*joseph knew that God's dreams and God's promises always come to pass. you can't kill a God dream. remain faithful.