Monday, August 2, 2010

breathe life [part3]

this first ever guest blog post was written by tracee.

There are times in my life where I have presented God with my prioritized prayers. It’s funny because I am not at all an organized person, nor am I a person who is goal oriented. I have definitely caught myself submitting priority prayer lists to God. With these lists I am basically saying, “okay God these prayers are about long-term future requests and these, right here, are for your immediate attention.”

I think God looks at my requests and has to chuckle. In reality, all of my requests are on his timeline. I look back and can’t even imagine what my life would be like, or the repercussions that would have ensued had he granted my requests. I think I know better, but I have learned that he always knows best.

The story of Lazarus is one of those stories that illustrates waiting prayer for me. All of the bullet points of logic didn’t make sense why Jesus would wait to heal Lazarus.

  • Lazarus was one of Jesus’ closest friends.
  • Jesus had spoken words and healed people from far away.
  • Jesus loved Mary and Martha so much, so why wouldn’t he help them?
  • Jesus was able to heal him.
i look at the logical bullet points of my requests before him as well. I think about how much God loves me, so why would he not help me? God is able to do anything, so why wouldn’t he do this? Sometimes God is silent. Maybe he says no, I think he’s just being silent or still thinking about it.

When Jesus heard about Lazarus’ state of health, he waited. Confusion and questions broke out among his followers, yet he waited. God feels no pressure with time. God knows no immediacy like we do.

So why did Jesus wait? Why did he seem silent that day when is close friend needed him?

The purpose for Jesus always has to do with his father being glorified. Jesus cared about people believing more than anything. Only he knows the best way for that to be handled. Only he has the perfect timing for that. Jesus even says to his disciples, “
I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, that you may believe.

God’s agenda is for us to really believe.

I know there are times that if God had answered my prayers in the timing I wanted it, I would have believed that he was an
easy-button Jesus, and that I was in control.

Jesus also feels the weight of our loss and desire for him to show up. Both Mary and Martha came out to him and blamed him for not answering their prayers. However, they both believed that God was still God and that was enough.

Jesus feels our hearts break.
He wept with Mary even though he knew what was going to happen next. He feels our hearts loss and ache. Jesus weeps with us in our broken hearts. He weeps over the fact that we even know pain at all. God sits with us and comforts our pain regardless of what happens next. [john11:35]

I have learned to shift my prayer life from submitted prioritized lists to just talking to him about my wants, desires, and needs. His answer is always to believe. He will always chose to answer in a way that leads to his glory in us.

this first ever guest blog post was written by tracee. i "met" her on twitter [via alece] and
her spunky tweets and her blog posts that are full of wisdom immediately made me want to know this awesome woman of God better. here are a few random facts about her: aside from her obvious love for God, she has a huge heart for loving people (being the extrovert that she is). she also likes eating chips and salsa and enjoys doing things (sometimes illogical) that add some zest to her life (i.e. skydiving, camping, etc). i believe she will be an amazing speaker one here's your chance to get to know her too! find her on twitter and on her blog.

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