Friday, August 13, 2010

8.13.10 friday the 13th.

coz it's friday the 13th,
this day deserves more than just one picture of the day.
so here are my favorite moments of this day =]

this pic was taken by @inprogress
i had the pleasure to meet their family during one of their "coffee stopovers"
@ the galleria while they were on their LA tour. they are such a great family!
and yes my face looks HUGE in this pic!

and the rest of the pics show how we like to roll on a friday night.
wii love game night.
first off, we had good home cooking - sinigang FTW!
then rolo christie, sami, dane & christian played wii bomberman.
then we played cranium and yahtzee

it was fun friday the 13th =]