Tuesday, July 20, 2010

top 10.

i've written several birthday letters for you these past few years. since you're celebrating the big 10 (woohoo double digits baby)...i decided to change it up a bit and list...

the top 10 reasons why i think you're the best son in the world 
and why i love you so much.

10. because you are a little ball of energy. (well you're not so little anymore). you exude so much life into every conversation and into every action that you do. though it may appear that i am often annoyed by your "energy/hyper-activity", you are teaching me to remain like a child at heart and never lose passion for living life.

9.  you are a very honest child. [sometimes too honest] ;) but i am glad you are. you're not afraid to tell me the good things and the bad things. and i am very thankful that you trust me the way that you do. and you're pretty GOOD at keeping our secrets. i love the "knowing looks" that we give to each other when we have secrets that others don't know about 

8. i love you so much because you know how it feels like to  have nothing and yet you have remained joyful. you know how it felt to be homeless, to not have a room or a place of our own. you've experienced sleeping on couches and floors and sleeping bags... you've experienced people breaking into our cars and stealing your toys, etc. etc. you've been through somethings that most kids and probably adults won't ever get to experience in their lifetime and yet you've remained so positive and so pure in heart. i so admire that about you.

7. you are so quick to forgive. there are many-a-days when i fail you. i shout. i get mad. i lose my temper over the stupidest things. and i say mean things sometimes. and yet in a split second, when i say sorry, you don't give me an attitude. you come and hug me right away and say you forgive me. you have also chosen to forgive the people that hurt you the most. and you try to see the best in everyone. i wish to be more forgiving, just like you.

6. i love your smile and how you laugh. your eyes disappear when you're deep in laughter. when i see you laugh, it puts a smile on my face and my heart. sometimes i wish i could capture our moments when we laugh together so i can watch and replay them forever. being silly and laughing with you brings me so much joy.

5. you love, love, love to learn new things and you love to build stuff. your ability to imagine and build and put things together amazes me. you're very dexterous  and you love to try to fix broken things and take pride in what you've done when you do fix them. i find it funny coz i'm so "whatever" and don't even bother trying to fix broken things. it's like you're my own lil' handy man.

4. you are highly competitive. that means that you will not give up. i like that about you (though we have to "curb" that competitive spirit in you a little bit). i'm actually very glad God made you that way, because it means that you will want to excel in most everything that you do. that's highly admirable coming from a mother who most of the time, does things haphazardly ;)

3. even if you're a big boy already, you still love to receive hugs. and kisses too ;) especially before you sleep. i know this is probably embarrassing you... but i'm glad you still like hugs.  coz you were (after all) the very first person who taught me how to hug and how to love =]

2. you KNOW that prayer works and you know who your Father is. in fact you've seen prayers answered in such tangible ways that will probably make other people jealous. you are a walking testimony of God's promise when He says He hears the cry of the fatherless... and he has heard your cries...with your dog, with your wii and ds(i), with sports, with 4 free cars, with a place to stay, for healing, for provision & so much more ..... as a child, you already know the beauty of patiently waiting for God to answer your prayer. you have been praying for siblings, for a dad, for your dad to get saved and build a relationship with you... and you have never become jaded just because things don't happen right away. instead you remind me that God is faithful... all we have to do is trust and wait.

1. i love you because you are you. and there's nobody else like you. God took the time to mold you and shape you inside of me. He decided to use me as a vessel to bring you to life.that is one of the greatest gifts that He has given me. He allowed a world changer like you to be formed in me. what an amazing favor from God.

so that's the top 10 of the million different reasons why i love you.
happy 10th birthday to my big boy!
 i cannot believe it's been a decade since i first held you in my arms.
 these past 10 years were the happiest years of my life. 
here's to lots and lots more "happyness". 
you have been my greatest inspiration, my greatest teacher.
 a source of joy, hope, life, energy and love. 
being your mother is the highest calling and greatest privilege 
that God has given me. 
thank you for being my angel.

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5
And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the LORD and with men 1 Samuel 2:26