Monday, July 26, 2010

6 words.

Jesus’ brothers said to him, “Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles! You can’t become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world! For even his brothers didn’t believe in him. Jesus replied, Now is not the right time for me to go, but you can go anytime. You go on. I’m not going to this festival, because my time has not yet come." [john 7:1-6]
i had posted this verse on my FB status and twitter last week and it has been stuck in my head ever since. there's something so profound about the statement that Jesus made that those 6 words have pierced my heart for the past few days.
 my time has not yet come. 
Jesus' brothers taunted Him to go and prove Himself to the world if He was indeed the Son of God. they told Him that He could be famous and well known if He displayed His power of performing miracles and teaching God's Word. 
His brothers wanted Him to prove His worth. they didn't really believe that He was Who He said He was and used this opportunity to challenge Him by enticing Him to the very things that usually make humans fall: POWER and FAME and WANTING to be accepted and PROVING others wrong.
i've found myself falling into that trap several times. wanting to perform. wanting for my words to be read. needing to be approved. wanting for my name to get out there. craving for attention. seeking for a breakthrough. secretly desiring the riches of this world, even if my words sound all biblical and "christian-y'. wanting for my time to come to have that house, preach in church, (buy that nice bag/bling/louboutin shoes, climb the corporate ladder, etc) and have God answer my prayers asap. i find that sometimes i desperately try to prove my worth as God's daughter by what i do and what i have.
i found that i had succumbed to the lies that the brothers taunted Jesus with. the voice of this generation, the taunts of society that says you must be well known in order to be successful. you must have a lot of "followers" because then it means that what you say has to be important.  you must be able to preach to thousands, have that house on the hill (or by the beach), start your own ministry. you must be able to perform to prove that you are who God has called you to be so you can live out the dream  he has put in your heart.
doing. working. proving.
leave it to Jesus to respond in a way that is so opposite of what us humans would do. He was so secure in who He was and He knew who He belonged to. He knew His call, His destiny and His purpose. He knew His Father's will. He didn't even need to prove Himself; not to the masses and especially not even to those that were closest to Him. in fact He rebuked His brothers and told them: chill out my brothers for "my time has not yet come."
with those 6 words, Jesus has been teaching me a lot about remaining secure in Him. with those 6 words, He has challenged me to reassess what i choose to identify myself with instead of Whom my identity comes from. with those 6 words, He reminds me that there is a season and a time for everything and there is a time of resting and hiding as well as a time of doing and performing. with those 6 words, He is teaching me that there is beauty and strength in being so secure in who God called you to be that there is no need to say anything or do anything to prove my worth... and right now He is teaching me to  just chill and just be.
with those 6 words He promises that one day...
my time will come.

and when the time does come....
it will have nothing to do with me.
instead, it will be all for my Father's glory.