Wednesday, June 30, 2010

oak of righteousness.

"they will be called oaks of righteousness

a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor."

[isaiah 61:3]

you've let nature do it's work.

and have allowed time to help you grow.

the seeds of dreams have been embedded in your heart.

and your roots dug deep and clung on the Foundation.

the trunk stood through the test of time.

through wind, through water, through storms.

the branches that were once weak have now stretched out.

once limber and fragile, they are now sturdy and strong.

leaves and fruit have blossomed and have given abundant life.

God has planted you to be a safe haven to many far and wide.

He made you to be strong and beautiful.

to display the beauty of His majesty.

He has created you to showcase the beauty of His splendor.

you have become a shelter to many.

a safe place of refuge for others in need.

to the birds that have broken wings.

or those wanting to learn how to fly.

to those finding a new song to sing.

to those looking to belong to a family.

and to those who were looking for a place of rest.

your shade has been an oasis.

and for that we say thank you.

for helping us mend our broken wings.

for helping us find a new song to sing.

for allowing us to belong in your family.

and for teaching us how to fly.

we will be forever grateful.

written by: Patricia

i wrote this poem for my friend Angela. she has been my mentor, smallgroup leader, a confidante and a mother-figure to me for the past 7.5 years. (yep our smallgroup has been meeting that long!) earlier this month she announced that she is retiring from working in ministry and she is now moving on to the next season of her life (she'll be moving away from LA).

though i will miss her, i am truly happy and excited for her. i just wanted to dedicate this poem to honor her. in behalf of our smallgroup, we say thank you. for the time you've sown. for the hugs. the food you've cooked. the shared tears. the prayers prayed. and the laughter and fun. we'll miss you. thanks for inspiring us to dream big. now it's your turn to pursue your dreams. GET IT DONE! we love you.