Friday, June 18, 2010

not forgotten.

this sunday, we will be celebrating Father's Day. it's kinda weird to say that coz i am a single mother, i've never been married and my son... well he doesn't really know his father.

there will be millions of kids out there who will be just like my son... they are now known as the "fatherless generation". those who don't know where and who their fathers are.

to be honest though, every father's day, there is always a painful sting in my heart that reminds me of the consequences of my actions. i wrote about this 4 years ago...and that sting still feels the same way today. the consequences of stupid things i did before (like choosing to have sex outside of marriage) had a price tag on it...and it's a very high price to pay.

i see the price that is paid... and the price is my son's broken heart. i see it every father's day. i see it when he meets new friends (or even his old friends) and they ask him where or who his daddy is. i see it when he gets that look in his eyes and he hears the question in his head that asks "why did he abandon me? what did i do wrong?"

it's one of the most heartbreaking things you can ever witness... to watch your child deal with a battle like this at such a young age....and know that this is happening because of stupid decisions i allowed myself to do.

it's a good thing though that i serve a God of redemption.
a God of second chances.
a God who chooses to be called "Abba, Father"

and He is so faithful to love on me and my son (seriously, every time my son prays for something...God always seems to make it happen... a dog, a wii, free cars, a place to stay, a DS, shoes, that he gets enrolled in sports, name it...He's answered it) though my son doesn't have an earthly father, He has a Father in heaven who loves him so very much and lavishes His love on him in unmistakable ways. He has shown my son that even if his earthly father didn't chose him, GOD HAS CHOSEN HIM. and because of God's love, my son's heart remains so tender and pure. he chooses to forgive his father, he chooses to live life and see the best in everyone. and though my son may be facing pain, he knows that He is not forgotten, because He has a Heavenly Father who loves him so very much.

this is why, we celebrate Father's Day in our house. because we have the BEST DADDY in the world. He cares for us, loves us, gives us 2nd chances, and He specializes in turning things that were meant to be messy, horrible and ugly to become something beautiful and extraordinary.

  • to the fathers who have blown it: our God is a God of second chances. forgive yourself. it's never too late to ask forgiveness from those you've left behind and hurt
  • to the mothers raising children by themselves: forgive the fathers. forgive yourself. and choose to raise your children to fear and love and serve the Lord by being an example of practicing what you preach.
  • to the children who don't have fathers: you have a Father, and He calls you His own. He longs for you to run into His arms, because even before you were formed in the womb, He knew you. and He longs to wrap you in His arms and lavish His love on you, just like He does to me and my son.

    coz He knows your name,
    He knows your every thought.
    He sees each tear that falls,
    and He hears you when you call.
    You are not forgotten.

happy Father's day weekend everyone!