Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hero and friend.

my friend wrote this poem for me. im kind of narcissistic so im posting this on my blog [LOL]. tell me, who doesn't like it when other people are inspired to write about them, especially if it's poetry? ;)

but all kidding aside. im so honored that she wrote this poem for me. her poem reminds me...that i am different from other women and that is okay. i have learned and will continue to learn to LOVE MYSELF. my strengths, uniqueness, quirks and even my weaknesses.

i share this poem for those of you out there.
to the women who don't look like models.
to the women who would rather be seen in...
shirts & jeans & flipflops than dresses & heels.
to the women who are quiet and gentle on the inside...
yet loud and crazy on the outside.
to the women who feel like they voices don't count.
to the women who have felt like their weight...
is seen more than their heart.
to the women who feel like they don't belong.
to the women who are single and feel that they are unloved.
to the women who have had their hearts broken. abused. rejected.
to the women who are wives and mothers...
and gave up on their dreams to fulfill those roles.
to the women who are strong and know what they want in life.
to the women who have suffered rejection and...
have down-played their purpose in life.
to the women who know God has put greatness in the inside of them.
to the women who need to know that they are great.

this poem is for YOU. to remind you that it's okay to be YOU.
celebrate WHO God made YOU to be.
and know that you are someone else's hero.
He didn't make any mistakes when He formed you.
so go on girlfriend, and LOVE YOURSELF.
coz He most definitely LOVES YOU.

My Hero-Friend
by Veronica Escosar

She is not famous
She is not glamorous
She is not stylish
Like models and celebrities
She doesn't have fancy things
Most women desire and cling
She does not have much money
To buy the simplest things
Yet she is so rich inside
She’s a hidden treasure
She has huge heart for people
To love and to care
She speaks with wisdom
She has a firm conviction
Above all else she has Jesus
That makes her so strong.
To face storms and obstacle
In any form.

thank you to all you ladies...for being my heroes and my friends.