Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5.25.10 woohoo!

My son was able to "fix" the plug on the computer that my sister in law gave to me. (It's an older computer that she's had for years... we blessed her with a new computer for her birthday so she gave me her old one)... i love how people pay the blessing forward. she gave this to me so i can start writing my book again (i stopped writing since i ran over my beautiful laptop with my car last january...click here to read a story about stupidity)

I've had this computer for about a month now and I've had trouble trying to keep it on coz there's something wrong with the plug. once you move it...the computer shuts down. there's really no way to fix it or buy a new plug. my sister in law held the plug with one hand while browsing with the other hand just so it wouldn't shut down.

my son...decided to do something about this. so he took the computer out of the bag and found a way to fix it himself. he is a genius ;) he put the computer on the table...found the right angle to hold the plug and put a can of spam on top of the plug so there was something heavy to hold that plug down. so as long as i dont move the computer....it's fine!

I now have a computer at home once again! YEY! Book writing here I come....im baaaaack!

I have to stop myself from twittering/facebooking/blog surfing at night though. Im sooo glad i cannot move this laptop anywhere. it will help me to not take it to bed with me.



God gave you a 3rd laptop for free. use it wisely.