Tuesday, April 20, 2010

vessels of hope.

last saturday 4-17-10.

we bought 300 burgers and 300 apple pies and 300 capri suns.

strangers helped us take the food to church...coz it couldn't fit in our car.
little did we know it was a divine appointment for us to bless them with prayer.

more burgers. more capri suns. more apple pies.

here are the pretty volunteers.

even more volunteers stuffing more bags.

the vessels of hope.

hello skid row...we're back =]

lining up to get some mickey d's.

this man was preaching the gospel to us.
except that he was using the "F" word before every word He said.
so imagine "effin Jesus effin came to effin save your effin selves from your effin sins"
it was QUITE entertaining.

more people coming looking for food and clothes.

beautiful smiles. beautiful souls.

praying is love in action.

some of us going to eat at daikokuya after.
ofcourse we wouldnt pass up this chance ;)

gettin' their ramen on.

after feeing the poor.... we fed ourselves as well.

it was such a great day!

one of the people that went said "she went there with the heart to give, but in the end she was the one that received so much out of the experience."

my heart and my goal is to continue to do projects like this to raise awareness for community outreach. my desire is for people to see that one of the greatest mission fields is right here in our own backyard. and if the church isn't going to rise up to the challenge of being an extension of God's love... then who will? even if it's just sharing a smile, or praying for strangers or meeting the simplest of needs (like food and clothing), we CAN do something about it. [James 2:16-18]

thank you to all of you who donated your clothes/blankets/shoes/finances and gave your time to help out with this event. i really appreciate you guys and im sure the people in skid row did too. thank you for being vessels of hope.

what's next: PROJECT PROM - dressing orphan teenagers and getting them ready for their prom. so if you have any dresses, shoes, bras, accessories - and/ or if you would like to give financial donations... please email me at ricianne (at) ricianne (dot) com and i will let you know more details about this project. thanks