Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sensationalized testimonies.


post anyone of these words to your twitter/facebook with a link to your blog and you get major traffic...

post words about: parenting. family. insecurities. fears. grace. community outreach. stories about the poor and the orphans and you'll get a pretty good amount of traffic, but probably not as much as if you were to post stories about the first batch of words.

post words such as: forgiveness, discipleship, lordship, fearing the holy Lord, obeying when it hurts, the truth about heaven and hell, evangelism, the great commission, suffering...and you'll be able to hear crickets chirping from miles away. there might be a couple of onlookers... but no one stays on your blog long enough to finish what you wrote or stay long enough to share their thoughts about it.

we try to make our stories feel relevant...but i feel like most of us christians, (i included) have missed the point. our stories are centered mostly on us instead of God.

we have sensationalized our testimonies.
to the point where it's almost tabloid worthy.

According to wikipedia: a tabloid is an industry that focuses on local-interest stories and entertainment, often distributed free (or to a newspaper magazine) that tends to sensationalize and emphasize or exaggerate sensational crime stories, repeating scandalous and innuendos about the deeply personal lives of celebrities and sports stars.

please don't get me wrong.... i think testimonies are powerful. i love hearing, reading and knowing about people's stories, struggles and victories. the book of revelation even says that sharing our testimony is one way to overcome the enemy.

i absolutely love sharing my story. i love telling people how God was able to free me from the bondage of my past. i will never forget the moment He grabbed a hold of my heart because it was such a saul-to-paul conversion that there was NO MISTAKING that it was only God who could change my life in that way.

but my story means nothing if all i do is focus on me. my story is rubbish if all i do is sensationalize the past sins that i made and do not point to a loving, yet holy God that needed for His Son to die to take my place.

  • without the cross... i have no story to tell.
  • with His cross... i have a story of death to tell. my death. it is no longer i that rules my life. my old self is gone.
  • with His resurrection... i have a story of a new life. ruled by a new Master. He calls the shots now. i have no "rights"
  • with the hope of the Holy Spirit living in me...there is power to live a life that He commands us to live.

  • if our message is centered by our story alone,
    then we've completely missed the point.
    because it's never about our story.
    it's always about HIS.

    if our stories don't point people to:
    *our own filthiness
    *His Holiness
    *the need for substitution
    *the Cross
    *His Blood
    *His resurrection
    *His Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace
    *His command for us to be holy
    *the Holy Spirit living inside of us and His power & ability to transform us
    *our response to heed to His call to obey Him daily.

    then our testimonies are nothing but stories. it's not "book of life" worthy. it's just tabloid material.

    out of all of those... the two things that should only be about us are:
    1. our filthiness
    2. our response to heed to His call to obey daily.

    everything else should point to Him.

    God has chosen to use fools like us to receive His grace and share about His love. Let us never forget, that without Him.... we wouldn't even have a story.

    without Him... we are NOTHING.

    what do you have that you did not receive? and if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you did not [1cor4:7]