Saturday, April 10, 2010

note to self.

you need to get over yourself. it's not about you... it will never be about you.

dont be disilusioned by your gifts, your persona, your charisma, your calling, your "potential", your personality, your knowledge, your position... even your weaknesses.

you have nothing to do with it.
everything is about God.

so be grateful that He chooses to use you coz you know He could always choose not to.

remain thankful. remain humble. remain faithful.

not because of any other reason except that God is worthy of it all. all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

it is why you worship and serve Him. it is why you tell others about Him. coz when you love someone like that... you can't help but share about His love.

the funny this is... even if it's really all about Jesus...He loves you enough to include you in His plans to help save the world. He wants others to know Him and feel Him through you. that in itself is a big enough reason to rejoice.

so take this job of sharing God's love seriously. because your Father is watching how faithful you are in running your "family business".

you were created to honor, love and worship Him. your mission is to introduce Him to other people.
that is the baton that has been passed on to you.

now go and run with this vision. remain steadfast. remain tenacious. remain passionate.

no matter what circumstances come, coz circumstances always change. no matter what people say, whether good or bad. no matter how you feel.

be about your Father's business. your focus is to do His will.

and always remember, it's not about You. i'ts never gonna be about you. it's always gonna be about Him.