Friday, April 16, 2010

in your bag.

people who know me know how much i LOVE using big bags. people who really know me will let you also know that it doesnt matter what size of bag i use... i always seem to find a way to fill my bags up with lots and lots of things.

i have lots of different kinds of bags. big bags, small bags, totes, hobo,s bohos and a couple of designer bags. but this by far is my favorite bag ever. it was given to me as a surprise gift by one of my dearest friends. it's a gina alexander leather picture bag (this is the koko design) with a collage of my son's pictures.

and the following pictures below are my MUST HAVES inside my bag. on any given day... you will find these things loitering around inside my heavy-almost-weapon-like-marry-poppins-bag. i never go anywhere without them. (well except if im attending a formal party - then i just keep all this in my car in case i need it for emergency.

my phone.
i bring it with me everywhere i go.
i do all my email / twitter / facebook stuff on this phone.
and i always bring a charger with me.

this is my handy-dandy notebook.
everytime i think of something to write,
or if i read my word and i get a "revelation or a-ha moment"
i jot down my mental notes and my brain farts on this note pad.

im not a big fan of make up.
in fact i always leave my house without make up
and only put it on if it's absolutely necessary.
but if i do... my must haves are: a lipstick, lipgloss and 2 different colors of eyeliner
& my chanel lipliner (which is not shown here coz i don't take it with me everywhere i go...i leave that at home)

yes...i still carry a bible with me everywhere i go.

i always have some type of book or devotional that i carry with me. i LOVE reading.

my keys & keychain. my squirt the turle. my pepper spray and lots & lots of keys.

my trusty lil' camera to capture random little events and life's beautiful moments.

my pink swiss army knife (the most girly colored-non-girly gadget i have)
my sister gave me as a"thank you for being my maid-of-honor gift"
this is one of my most favorite things ever.

my 2 wallets. one stashed with pics and receipts and business cards and grocery cards.
one flat one with my license, my library card and my debit card.
unfortunately the most cash i carry in my wallet is $5 max, if not less.
all the rest go into my dave ramsey envelope system.

more random stuff like:
gum & lots of gum wrappers,
a granola/trailmix bar (in case my son gets hungry),
hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes,
cologne spray,
tylenol/medicine/band aids,
cheap sunglasses (coz i always seem to misplace them),
pens, sharpies, post it pads,
that circular silver thing that you use to hold your bag on the table instead of plopping it on the floor...

and ofcourse...a SOCK. yes. my son decided to put his sock in my bag..
not a pair of socks. nope. just one sock.
i always find random things that my son leaves in my bag. socks / toys / his DSi / candy wrappers / etc.

what's in YOUR bag?