Sunday, April 18, 2010

4.18.10 - meet nala.

the car's name is nala.
coz she has the same golden color like a lioness. (see lion king - nala )
and nala means gift.
[my son wanted to name him shadowknight....uuhhmmm *NO*]

someone, who wanted to remain anonymous...
provided money for me to be able to get this car.
thank you dear angel.

this is my 4th free car.
well...semi-free. explanation below.

sounds too good to be true, right?

- my first free car was an 86 celica.
- my second free car was a 96 toyota camry.
- my third free car was a 95 honda civic.
they were given to me by church friends and family.
and i try to pay it forward by giving away those other cars to those who need it as well.

yes ya'll...
what happened back in ACTS chapter 2 is still happening today.
people are still giving stuff away for FREE to help other people.

this car is such an overwhelming surprise.
i was praying for a newer car, but i wasn't expecting this.
such a wonderful gift from God for me and my son.
it's a gift - coz we didn't do anything to deserve it.
nor could we even afford it.
it's an undeserved gift - just like His grace.

it's a gift to remind me that...

He sees.
He knows.
He is my provider.
He hears every heart cry.
He is into the smallest of details.
He loves to surprise His children.
His timing is absolutely impeccable.

*it's semi-free coz i have to share a bit for the monthly payments and insurance for this 2009 car .... which ofcourse i don't mind that at all ;)