Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mothering the fatherless.

for the past 2 days, i've been sick in bed (not sure if it's the stomach flu or if i ate something bad). these past 2 days, instead of resting, my mind has been worried. not so much because i've been sick... but because being sick means i'm missing work... which means i'm not getting paid... which means less money to pay the bills. and i NEED to feel better soon coz i MUST get back to work.

this, my friends, is part of the life of being a single mother. this is the reality that we face everyday.

she [@flowerdust] blogged about the fatherless generation today. statistics say: There are 27 million children in America growing up without fathers. the reality is... behind the 27 million fatherless children are moms just like me... working HARD to make a living so we can raise our children, make ends meet, keep a roof over our heads and feed our family...

this is one of my BIGGEST PASSIONS. i want to be a voice of single mothers to the christian community. to make people aware of the reality we face daily. you see the fatherless generation as a growing "epidemic"... we carry that burden on our shoulders daily. my questions is: what is the church's answer to this problem?

you see, there are some single moms that i consider "lucky/blessed" in a sense, if the father is involved in the child's life (whether it's through alimony, child-support, or even if the father acknowledges the child & talks to them). then there are single mothers like me... who have been going at it solo (no help at all) . those moms are either widowed or left pregnant alone. there are also single moms by choice. it doesn't matter how they became a single mother though. it's still the same hardship, still the same stress, the same pain.

we have learned to toughen ourselves up, just so we can lead our family. we have learned to strengthen our shoulders, so we can carry the burden of nourishing, loving, caring and being the sole provider. we have learned to care more for others than ourselves, because so much is asked from us on a daily basis.

i consider myself extremely blessed, because i know God and i am so rooted in Him and His Word that i have faith and hope in His promises. i also have my family, friends and a spiritual family to support me and help me, especially in case of an emergency.

but my heart goes out to the single moms that don't have what i have. imagine those who have no support around them. imagine those who are struggling and have no hope. imagine how they are raising their children. how can they be a role model for their children if they can't even fix themselves?

christians, i ask you, don't just pray for the children of this fatherless generation. pray for the mothers who are raising them as well. they NEED your prayers. they NEED your help.

i write this to make you aware... look out for the single mothers in your community. don't even wait for single parents to ask for your help. in whatever way you can, whether it's through prayer, buying them some groceries, babysitting, treating the moms out to something fun, taking them out for coffee. teach their kids something for free or just be there as a shoulder to lean on... do what you can... coz they need all the break, help and support they can get.

thank you - in behalf of all of us single mothers.

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. [james 1:27]